Was hope to hear native anyone who owns a similar vehicle, Mine has actually an 8ft bed v a Jeraco Cap. Dry load is 4700lbs and also GVMW is 6400. 3.73 axle ratio. Max towing weight is 8300 and Max merged weight is 13000lbs. If you own a comparable vehicle and you tow a travel trailer, what kind of weight perform you tow, i am looking come tow a take trip trailer (Not to buy yet, quiet looking) and would favor to have a sphere park of what I can expect come tow safely. Truck does have the tow package. Any advice would be helpful.


Thanks, Mark


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I would never ever tow anything over 5500 Lbs as far as a trailer in a 1500. I think these are rated for 7000 but they dont have actually the balls pull it, and also no way is it safe towing the much. The brakes arent approximately par because that that, and also the motor sure struggles particularly where i live. Approximately 5000-5500 is around it.

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Try and stay listed below 80% of your maximum tow rating. Also keep in mind the your tow rating decreses v the much more weight the you placed inside the truck, such together yourself, family, dog and any firewood. The GVWR that a trailer should be 80% of this final towing number. Disregard the dry weight of a trailer. Look at the GVWR of a trailer and go with that. Saying all that, if you discover a trailer in the neighbourhood the 6500 pounds, you have to be fine. Also, ns recommend a tranny cooler, and a good brake controller such together the Tekonsha Prodigy. Understand your towing limts, and also stay within them, and you will be safe.



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i don't really recognize how huge or what a take trip trailer look at like, however i perform tow around around 4-5k precious of trailer and also car sit on top of it with my 01 5.3 w/tow package. I have the right to say that i really wouldn't desire to placed anything larger on it. The motor doesn't have the grunt, and it's tough to keep a decent highway cruising speed in any type of kind of headwind.


the braking power is great with my brake controller and double axle trailer brakes, and stability is fine, it just doesn't have the umph. Possibly 131k miles has actually something to execute with it?