The PGM-FI key Relay can easily be tested with a multimeter to see if it has actually failed (or not).

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In this indict I"ll display you how to test it in a step-by-step manner. With your test results you"ll be able to find out if it"s negative or not.

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APPLIES TO: This tutorial uses to the following vehicles:

1.6L Honda public CX: 1996, 1997, 1998.1.6L Honda public DX: 1996, 1997, 1998.1.6L Honda civic EX: 1996, 1997, 1998.1.6L Honda public HX: 1996, 1997, 1998.1.6L Honda civic LX: 1996, 1997, 1998.1.6L Honda public Del solar S: 1996, 1997.1.6L Honda public Del sol Si: 1996, 1997.1.6L Honda civic Del sol VTEC: 1996, 1997.


Symptoms the A poor PGM-FI key Relay

The PGM-FI main Relay failure will certainly generally reason one of three problems.

An engine no-start problem.An intermittent engine no-start problem.An intermittent engine stall difficulty (the engine suddenly turns off).

It"s only when the PGM-FI key relay fails completely that her 1.6L Honda Civic"s engine will not start.

When the PGM-FI main Relay falls short intermittently, the engine will not start or suddenly transforms off every now and also then (but many of the moment it starts and runs without any kind of problems).

In the bulk of the cases, the PGM-FI main Relay failure has to do v it no being able to supply power to the fuel pump.

The hardest difficulties to diagnose are the intermittent stall and intermittent no-start problems. Why? because the relay has to be tested while the engine is no starting.

Once the engine starts, testing the PGM-FI main Relay doesn"t perform any great (since the relay is working and supplying power to the fuel injection computer, the fuel injectors, and the fuel pump).

PGM-FI key Relay pen Out

PGM-FI key Relay CircuitsPinWire ColorDescription
1White w/ black color stripe (WHT/BLK)12 Volts Input
2Black (BLK)Chassis soil (-)
3Yellow w/ black stripe (YEL/BLK)12 Volts output To ECM
5Yellow w/ eco-friendly stripe (YEL/GRN)Ignition 12 Volts Input
6Blue w/ white strip (BLU/WHT)12 Volts entry (Ign. Move Start position Only)
7Yellow w/ environment-friendly stripe (YEL/GRN)12 Volts calculation To Fuel Pump
8Green w/ yellow strip (GRN/YEL)Fuel Pump control Signal

Where come Buy The PGM-FI key Relay

Due come the fact that the PGM-FI key Relay is a critical component the the fuel injection device of her 1.6L Honda Civic, avoid buying a cheap knock-off brand-X relay.

The adhering to links will help you compare shop for the typical Motor Products and the initial Honda Mitsuba relay:

TEST 1: Making certain That Terminal No. 1 Is gaining 12 Volts

NOTE: If the engine in her Honda public (Civic Del Sol) starts, climate you have the right to conclude that the PGM-FI main Relay is functioning correctly. The tests in this tutorial assume the the engine is not starting.

For our very first test we"re gonna" make sure that female terminal number 1, the the PGM-FI key Relay"s connector, is obtaining 10 to 12 Volts DC.

The wire the connects to female terminal no. 1 is the white v black stripe (WHT/BLK) wire of the connector.

Terminal no. 1 gets power from fuse no. 44 that the under-hood fuse and relay box.

We"ll usage a multimeter to make sure that it"s acquiring 10 to 12 Volts DC at all times.

These are the check steps:

Connect the black color multimeter test lead to a an excellent Ground point.I recommend the you use a jumper cable to attach the black multimeter test cause the battery an unfavorable (-) terminal.

Gently probe the mrs terminal labeled through the number 1 (in the photograph above) v the red multimeter test lead.Female terminal no. 1 connects to the WHT/BLK wire.

Your multimeter should register 10 to 12 Volts DC.NOTE: girlfriend don"t need to turn the an essential to the ~ above position, because power need to be available at every times.

Let"s uncover out what your test result means:

CASE 1: 10 come 12 Volts space present. This is the correct and expected check result.

Now that you"ve confirmed that strength is present, the next step is come make sure that terminal no. 5 is getting power too. Walk to: check 2: Making certain That Terminal No. 5 Is obtaining 12 Volts.

CASE 2: 10 come 12 Volts room NOT present. Examine that you"re testing the correct female terminal of the connector.

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If you"re still not acquiring 10 come 12 Volts, then your next step is to make certain that fuse no. 44 the the under-hood fuse and relay crate is no blown.