i was wonder if you could either email me a diagram or call me i m sorry relay it would be that runs mine fuel ump on my 98 ford ranger 3.0L (manual) because I to be driving residence the various other day and my truck passed away on me. So I assumed it was the fuel pump. I put a new one in and now my truck is not acquiring fuel to the engin in ~ all. I checked the for sure switch and also that wasnt the problem. Me and my father have narrowed it under to one of two people the relay or an inline fuse (if there is one). So if you might send me a labeling diagram or miscellaneous that would be an extremely helful.

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The fuel pump relay is located int that PDC under the hood. Right here is a guide and also a diagram (Below) that shows its locationhttps://www.beer-selection.com/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitPlease allow us recognize if you require anything else to get the problem fixed.Cheers, Ken


Ok, I established the red wire at the relay socket. Experiment it because that pwr. We have keyed strength at the red in fpr socket.

i m really sorry Bud, dislike to tell you this however you have a problem with the computer system control the the fuel pump relay. Have the computer system tested before you change it.

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ns was steering my van the other day and every one of a sudden I started to shed power till it involved a finish stop. I tried transforming the vital to start and also it just cranks over yet never starts. The cranking sound normal. I also heard the Fuel Relay clicking very very fast and loud Open/Close as soon as the an essential was turned come the ~ above position and I also see the check engine irradiate flashing dimly. Ns swapped the end that relay with the A/C relay which space the same and the very same thing happens. I likewise put the A/C relay ~ above the PCM relay position and the fuel pump relay tho click off/on an extremely fast. Ns tested the relay and the OHM analysis was 61 which suggests it's well right? The Fuel Pump relay is the just one the clicks an extremely fast. As soon as I remove the PCM relay the Fuel Pump relay does nothing and also makes no sound. Also, if ns spray starter fluid down the intake ns can acquire the automobile started and also keep that running. Ns should include when the key is in the "on" position however not starting the car, ns not only hear the Fuel Pump Relay click fast, but I can additionally hear the fuel pump clicking in the tank. Any type of ideas? say thanks to you!