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Newbie here, Need assist pleaseI have actually a 1995 5.7 the cranks however will no start. Ns sprayed starting fluid and cranked however no start. So far what I have done, i checked and get no spark in ~ plugs, changed cap,rotor,module. Tested coil per chiltons manual and also checks out ok. Turned crucial on position and tested for strength going to coil and that checks out. Need advise testing pickup coil and any input the may help me get earlier on the road.Thanks
No i haven"t. Make the efforts to find details on my publication but comes up blank. Do you have actually info and how to test?Thanks
Personally, im no very great with digital things on one engine. I had a 94 camaro which also though its a different style 5.7l 350, the still has all the same contents on it. It would crank over no problem but there just wasnt any spark. I just went to autozone, to buy a brand-new coil because that it and while ns was there one of the workers mentioned the ICM come me but i didnt think it to be that, transforms out the it was that. If you have actually the extra money id say walk buy one native a parts store, plug that in and also see if the fixes the problem. If the does not, go ahead and return it.Its really easy to get to, it should be ~ above the top of the engine closer to the firewall. If ns remember properly its top top the same bracket as the coil.
Ended approximately be a negative pickup coil. As soon as I was trial and error in the automobile everything seen of. I eliminated dist and also bench test moving wires native pickup coil roughly and notification a autumn in reading. Replaced with brand-new Dist loaded and fired appropriate up. Just have to firgure the end timing and set it.Thanks because that everyones input.
Im happy come hear that its functioning now. I just reread your initial post and read that you did replace the icm already.Did girlfriend say that you changed the distributor and that solved it or the coil?
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