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so i simply bought a winter truck, and also im doing an oil readjust on it, however have no idea exactly how much to put in. I"ve to be googling and can"t find the info. Anyone v a 1990-1994 blazer through the 4.3 vortec engine understand what the oil capacity is? TIA!
Re: oil capacity: 94 blazer v 4.3l v6??? everyone know? (papaskot)found it! 4.5l declared by factory however 5l to gain dipstick to review "full" post this just incase anyone ever wants the exact same info,

Re: oil capacity: 94 blazer with 4.3l v6??? anyone know? (papaskot)
I think you can pretty lot be top top the safe side just throwing 5 quarts in just around any residential engine from like 95 and below. The small 2.8 I had actually in mine blazer took 5 quarts. I don"t think that point is also close come being huge enough to require that lot oil. If it to be a performance engine, I could see that, but a van engine that rarely ever before went over 2000 rpms? Yes, I know there to be a "high" performance version in the fiero, so probably they didn"t adjust much other than the intake. I do recognize that even at 235,000 mile the oil still come out in the consistancy that water. Or probably it had actually water in it.

Re: oil capacity: 94 blazer through 4.3l v6??? everyone know? (papaskot)You"ll get plenty of mileage the end of that 4.3l, just keep taking care of it. Http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Re: oil capacity: 94 blazer through 4.3l v6??? anyone know? (shftat6)
4.5 quarts only if you room not replacing the oil filter. (I know people that don"t change it every change).
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