Issued in the year before the worst to win in baseball history, 1993 Fleer baseball cards room a product of their time.

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Namely, they are slick and also fancy, however without lot character.

And, many thanks to a sirloin to squeeze rookies in as early as possible, ’93 Fleer is ironically there is no of top-tier RCs due to the fact that most the the huge names debuted earlier (or slightly later, favor Derek Jeter in Fleer Excel).

Of course, they were likewise overproduced come the hilt, an interpretation none the them have a ton of worth these days.

The an excellent news about all this is that you have the right to pick up hall of Famers all day lengthy for much less than ten bucks, also in perfect graded condition (PSA 10, for our purposes).

And, 1993 Fleer baseball cards are fairly loaded with Hall of Famers, choose …

1993 Fleer Tony Gwynn (#138)

One that the key gut shots from the 1994 strike that still stings fans also today is the believed that Gwynn had actually a shot in ~ hitting .400.

Through 110 games (117 team games for the Padres), Gwynn fight .394 that summer, and he to be on a slight increase trajectory as soon as the players went ~ above strike.

Would he have actually made it to the wonder .400 mark?

The odds and also record books say no, however Gwynn to be a driven guy and, with the chance to make some history, you recognize he would have actually poured his soul into the chase.

That 1994 run and also what could have been are just two reasons Gwynn remains famous with collectors today.

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1993 Fleer Frank cutting board (#210)

Thomas did points in the first half of his career that baseball hadn’t seen because the work of Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio.

Things prefer hit .300 v 30 residence runs, 100 runs batted in, and 100 runs … pretty lot every season.

In the process, the huge Hurt won two American league MVP awards and set himself on a beeline because that Cooperstown.

Oh, and he do himself into a collector favorite.

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1993 Fleer George Brett (#236)

It’s kind of ironic that Gwynn do his operation at .400 the year ~ Brett retired, because the Royals good had to be the critical to seriously an obstacle the mark.

Brett’s staggering .390 came in a 1980 season marred by time ~ above the disabled list (hemorrhoids!) that restricted him come 117 games played.

That to be just enough for George to win both the AL batting crown and MVP, and also he assisted Kansas City all the way to the civilization Series.

And … the totality performance elevated Brett to a type of mythical status that never left during the remainder that his room of reputation career.

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1993 Fleer Robin Yount (#260)

Yount and Brett turn in eerily comparable careers, beginning when castle both debuted for recent (1969) expansion teams in the mid-1970s.

From there, lock both snagged single rookie cards in the top 1975 Topps set, both winner AL MVP Awards (two for Yount), both smashed their 3000th access time in 1992, both retirement in 1993 …

… and also both breezed into Cooperstown in 1999.

While Yount never held quite the hobby sway that Brett did, he wasn’t far behind … and he tho isn’t.

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1993 Fleer Kirby Puckett (#273)

By the time this map was issued, Puckett had actually won two World collection with the Twins and also a batting title of his own, in 1989.

The dude that looked like a fire hydrant and played v pure joy had been a pan favorite for nearly a decade, yet he was also nearing the end of the line, though us didn’t know it at the time.

After hanging up his spikes as result of health problems in 1995, Puckett continued to loom big in the hobby and was a first-ballot Cooperstown selection in 2001.

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1993 Fleer Don Mattingly (#281)

By 1993, Mattingly was deep into his injury-induced decrease phase that would ultimately lead come his at an early stage retirement at period 34 in 1995.

He did manage a final mini power burst (17 residence runs) in ’93, however that balky ago of his was simply too much gone.

Not that any type of of that really mattered come collectors … Donnie Baseball and his 1984 Donruss rookie card rewrote every the understanding rules and helped precipitate the eight of the so late 1980s and also 1990s.

For far better or worse, we wouldn’t be whereby we room without Mattingly, and also collectors still mostly adore the today.

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1993 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. (#307)

After a few years of teasing us v glimpses that his full potential, junior burst right into baseball beast setting in 1993.

Tagging 45 house runs and leading the American organization in total bases (359), Griffey served notification that he to be every little as talented together we constantly dreamed he would be.

Over the following 15 year or so, the went ahead an constructed out a situation as among the grasp of best players the his generation and drove his 1989 top Deck rookie card to the top of the hobby mountain Olympus.

All that Griffey’s other cardboard came along because that the ride, too, consisting of lesser worries like this 1993 Fleer card.

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1993 Fleer Dale Murphy (#496)

Like Mattingly, Murphy adhered to a explode of 1980s brilliance v a steep decline in the 1990s.

The two-time MVP together a member that the Braves invested the very first three years of the brand-new decade with the Phillies, climate landed through the development Rockies in 1993.

That would certainly be his last hurrah in the Majors, and, though he missed the end on the Phils’ World series run, Murphy appeared in liberty burgundy on cardboard every summer long.

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1993 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. (#551)

When this map was issued, Ripken was halfway in between winning his second AL MVP award (1991) and also breaking Lou Gehrig‘s document for consecutive games played (1995).

Cal was currently a understanding staple, though, and also all his cards — also 1993 Fleer — stay collector favourite today.

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1993 Fleer Nolan Ryan (#690)

Even though it seemed prefer he would pitch forever, Ryan lastly retired adhering to the 1993 season.

But he gave us one critical shot the his greatness that summer, and also this 1993 Fleer card was there because that every pitch.

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Today, that a small component of the Ryan fabric, but historic for having been born at just the ideal time.

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