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I have replaced both fuel pumps they room both working changed fuel filter and bypassed the fuel resevoir ~ above the rail the fuel is no going as much as injectors what could reason this?
How do you know it isn\"t acquiring fuel to the injectors ? What originally occurred that motivated you to solve the fuel device ? If the fuel pump top top the rail went bad it isn\"t unusual sometimes for a item inside the pump...i.e. A pump seal, etc. To gain up into the line and also block fuel flow.... Is the push regulator functioning ok ?Other then those few things I would certainly recommend posting this inquiry up in the section, \"Noobie technology Questions\" ... Much more people will certainly respond the way...I\"m certain you will certainly get aid in here...
Checked schreader valve just air comes out wonder if low push pump could be wired backwards I have a red, black and also yellow with brown tracer going come tank pump
as you deserve to see over there is not lot to it. The smaller line is the reurn the bigger heat is the supply. I had actually plenty of dealings with that system prior come ditching it. You have the right to run on simply the former pump, yet not for lengthy periods of time. The only thing i deserve to think is you room air locked in which method or friend pinched a heat somewhere. If the rear pump has sufficient fuel come grab it usually will self prime though. I\"ve had actually 3 occasions wherein mine lost the behind pump and also after drawing fuel to the front pump we were may be to proceed on our means for a short time.
351W, ZF5-47, BW1356, 10.25/D60 FOTM DEC. 2011:thumbup \"Quando Omni Flunkus, Moritati,\" when all else fails roll over and play dead.
Thank you so much the tank pump has two fittings coming the end what is return and also what is supply the metal line going come pump ns assume is supply and also on the happen anger next a metal line operation to ago is the the line the runs come the vent ~ above the tank behind sending out unit?

The steel line on the passenger next goes the vent in the center of the tank correct and then there is a line through a dust cap that goes out to the rear. No one of the line must be cuasing any type of of your troubles currently. If you to be to map the lines the in tank pump must go to the larger line fitting, then to the stupid filterless filter thing, then the main fuel pump, climate the filter, climate the rail. I would certainly break the line at the earlier of the key pump and also see if friend get any type of fuel there usage a capture tray.
351W, ZF5-47, BW1356, 10.25/D60 FOTM DEC. 2011:thumbup \"Quando Omni Flunkus, Moritati,\" when all else stops working roll over and also play dead.

351W, ZF5-47, BW1356, 10.25/D60 FOTM DEC. 2011:thumbup \"Quando Omni Flunkus, Moritati,\" when all else fails roll over and play dead.
I unhooked both fuel lines come the reservoir i am not gaining fuel from one of two people line yet pump is running can the pump it is in bad and also still run
Huggyb1972 say thanks to you so much for your assist I gained her running this morning. The male I bought it from had actually the fuel lines all messed increase hooked increase wrong in many negative ways thanks to her pics ns figured it the end she fired ideal up. Now all I require is some fuel hose clips a fuel vapor valve because that the tank and also I require a sending out unit lock ring and also some nuts to mountain gas tank then i should have her top top the roadway I to be so excited she sound amazing gave me goose bumps many thanks again for taking time the end of your day to aid me the end I have the right to not describe how thankful ns am for that. ??????
Happy come help. Happy you gained it running again. If you acquire near a wrecking yard and find a 90\" up Bronco seize the fuel device from it. The solitary pump setup seams to it is in the means to go. Castle used better materials anyways.

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351W, ZF5-47, BW1356, 10.25/D60 FOTM DEC. 2011:thumbup \"Quando Omni Flunkus, Moritati,\" once all else fails roll over and play dead.
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