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5 dollars 1986 to 1991 values and prices


The challenge of the $5 note features a portrait of sir Wilfrid Laurier engraved by Yves Baril. Beside the portrait is the center Block the the Parliament buildings as it appeared in Laurier"s day.

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The flag on the tower is the Red Ensign, which would have flown at that time. Because many Canadians born after 1965 were unfamiliar with the Red Ensign part assumed that the flag ~ above the brand-new note to be American, precipitating what was recognized as the flag flap. The bird featured on the back of the keep in mind is the belted kingfisher, depicted against a landscape typical of the habitat. The $5 note was the an initial in the series, authorize in April 1986 and initially printed by CBN.

Price guide and values - 5 dollars 1986 to 1991

You have the right to see the perform of signatures on financial institution of Canada"s banknotes. To assist you to recognize the definition of grades such together G, VG, F, VF, EF, AU, UNC, etc., you can jump come the grading section.

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price in CAD $


GOT 7720000 to got 7740000-$13.50$18.00$31.50$63.00$104$203
GOV 7180000 come GOV 7200000-$13.50$18.00$31.50$63.00$104$203
GPH 9820000 come GPH 9840000-$27.00$36.00$49.50$76.50$122$324
Prefix ANH-$5.00$6.80$9.00$18.00$27.00$54.00
Prefix ANX-$5.60$7.90$11.30$18.00$29.30$63.00
Prefix FNX-$40.50$63.00$71.40$95.10$151$334
Prefix GNY-$9.00$10.80$16.20$31.50$60.00$126
Prefix GPW-$5.00$5.00$6.30$10.80$18.00$27.00
Prefix HNB-$1,800$2,930$3,600$5,200$6,800$8,100

GOT 7720000 to obtained 7740000$293$313$327$336$345--
GOV 7180000 come GOV 7200000$266$313$324$342$360$370-
GPH 9820000 come GPH 9840000$391$442$459$476$494$520-
Prefix ANH$65.70$77.30$87.80$94.40$117$172$227
Prefix ANX$98.90$105$107$140$143$150$156
Prefix FNX$537$692$693$730$740$748$754
Prefix GNY$270$285$293$315$338--
Prefix GPW$45.80$59.80$64.50$78.00$91.50$92.70$93.90
Prefix HNB$10,400$11,500$12,200$12,800$13,500--

GOT 7720000 to obtained 7740000-------
GOV 7180000 come GOV 7200000-------
GPH 9820000 come GPH 9840000-------
Prefix ANH-------
Prefix ANX-------
Prefix FNX-------
Prefix GNY-------
Prefix GPW-------
Prefix HNB-------

Prefix EPC-$13.50$18.00$22.50$31.50$67.50$90.00
Prefix EPW-$720$1,080$1,350$1,800$2,250$2,930
Prefixes EOH and also ENX-$15.80$27.00$38.30$54.00$69.20$137

Prefix EPC$158$163$165$225$229$280-
Prefix EPW$4,500$4,800$4,950$5,200$5,400--
Prefixes EOH and ENX$216$235$242$250$260$270$280

Prefix EPC-------
Prefix EPW-------
Prefixes EOH and ENX-------

FNX 0000001 come FNX 7000000 - huge F-$5.00$5.00$5.90$7.00$9.00$11.70
FNX 7000001 to FNX 9999999 - tiny F-$5.00$5.90$6.80$8.10$11.70$15.80
Prefix ENX-$5.00$5.20$6.30$7.90$9.90$13.10
Prefix EPC-$13.50$18.00$27.00$63.00$67.50$84.90
Prefix EPW-$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00$13.50$27.00
Prefix GNY-$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00$7.20$13.50
Prefix GOG - Test-$4,500$6,800$9,000$10,800$13,500$15,800

FNX 0000001 come FNX 7000000 - large F$20.30$24.70$27.00$33.80$42.20--
FNX 7000001 to FNX 9999999 - tiny F$31.20$32.50$38.40$39.00$47.60--
Prefix ENX$24.80$31.70$34.30$34.70$41.10$108-
Prefix EPC$161$232$248$281$300$315-
Prefix EPW$54.00$57.00$58.50$60.80$63.00$183-
Prefix GNY$27.00$28.20$28.80$32.40$36.00--
Prefix GOG - Test$18,000$19,800$20,700$23,000$25,200--

FNX 0000001 come FNX 7000000 - big F-------
FNX 7000001 to FNX 9999999 - small F-------
Prefix ENX-------
Prefix EPC-------
Prefix EPW-------
Prefix GNY-------
Prefix GOG - Test-------

ANP 4320000 come ANP 4520000-$5.00$6.30$8.10$14.00$20.30$29.30
GPZ 9000000 to GPZ 9740000-$5.00$5.60$7.20$9.90$13.50$22.50
HNA 9800000 to HNA 9999000-$5.00$6.50$8.60$14.90$21.20$33.80

ANP 4320000 to ANP 4520000$51.80$56.70$59.10$66.50$73.90--
GPZ 9000000 to GPZ 9740000$38.30$41.40$43.00$48.50$54.00$56.00-
HNA 9800000 come HNA 9999000$60.80$65.20$79.10$80.00$83.50--

ANP 4320000 come ANP 4520000-------
GPZ 9000000 to GPZ 9740000-------
HNA 9800000 come HNA 9999000-------

ANH 3560000 to ANH 3960000-$22.50$36.00$49.50$76.50$126$194

ANH 3560000 come ANH 3960000$280$346$367$399$512--

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