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If friend have any type of 1978 pennies, friend should host onto them instead of security them. All 1978 pennies are worth an ext than challenge value!

Some room worth hundreds of dollars. Some are worth thousands! and others are worth around twice their face value — or two cents.So how have the right to you phone call a rare and an important 1978 penny from a common one?

1978 penny Values

The 1978 Lincoln penny experienced a vast mintage the 5,558,605,000, ensuring there were plenty to go around. However there seemingly no as many to be discovered in circulation this days… Why is that?The United claims Mint win the 1978 coin from a composition of 95% copper and also 5% zinc, and this bronze layout was supplied for United states pennies for decades. In the 1970s, copper was ending up being increasingly an ext expensive — and also because of this, the bronze composition to be scrapped in 1982.Today, copper is precious much more still. The worth of a typical pre-1982 Lincoln Memorial penny is about 2 cents simply for the copper content alone.
You can not — no legally anyway! The joined States has actually a law that the illegal to melt pennies for their copper. This hasn’t always been the case, and also the law could certainly be repealed at some point. However it’s a great idea to save your sleep clean and also ix-nay on the elting-may. So, why do many coin certified dealer pay much more for copper Lincoln cents if you’re not supposed to melt them? The extra value is more speculative in ~ this point, meaning that if the time comes the laws change and United states copper pennies have the right to be legitimate melted, there will likely be an even larger industry for these old copper pennies 보다 we view today!
What this way is that any type of 1978 penny you find in pocket adjust is automatically worth an ext than face value. And also some are worth much an ext than 2 cents!Here’s what to look because that on your 1978 pennies…

1978 No Mintmark coin Value

Okay, therefore 2 cents is the going price for most 1978 pennies there is no a mint note that you’d uncover in circulation. (By the way, the fact that there is no mintmark simply suggests that the coin was made in ~ the Philadelphia Mint.)But… a common uncirculated 1978 penny without any type of mintmark, to speak the type you could still find from time to time bright and also shiny in a role of pennies indigenous the bank, is worth about 7 to 15 cents.The most an useful no mintmark 1978 pennies are those in tip-top uncirculated condition — not just totally free of stay but also showing no marks, dings, or various other detractions on the surface. For example, the highest price ever paid because that a 1978 penny was $4,259.38, the amount realized in a 2014 auction because that a specimen graded MS67+RD by skilled Coin Grading Service.

1978-D coin Value

Like the Philly-minted counterpart, the 1978-D Lincoln penny from the Denver Mint and with a small “D” mintmark under the day is also worth more than confront value. Its copper content is an useful in and also of itself, and also it helps carry the default value of the 1978-D penny up to around 2 cents — no much, ns know, but that’s tho worth much more than the 1 cent denomination asserted on the coin.So, this provides all 1978-D pennies precious holding aside. And there were 4,280,233,400 made — so over there are certainly a few floating about in circulation just waiting come wind up in your stack the old copper pennies!Average-quality uncirculated 1978-D Lincoln pennies are worth 7 to 15 cents each.

The most valuable 1978-D penny offered for $546 in a 2008 auction and also was graded MS67RD by skilled Coin Grading Service.

1978-S Proof penny Value

The U.S. Mint struck a minimal number of distinct collectors’ execution 1978-S Lincoln pennies because that inclusion in something recognized as proof sets.Consisting of specially minted, very reflective, these proof sets contain one special instance of each coin that was to win by the United claims Mint because that circulation in the U.S. And included a proof coin made at the san Francisco Mint — lending to the “S” mintmark ~ above the coin under the date.The mountain Francisco Mint to win 3,127,781 proof pennies in 1978. These to be made by refined dies and also specially prepared coin blanks, and also they were struck twice on high-tonnage coin presses — to carry up also the most minute the details in the design. Proof space not intended because that circulation and also are offered to collectors straight by the U.S. Mint every year. Collectors who wish to obtain older proof sets can buy them native a coin dealer who sells them.The 1978-S Lincoln coin may have actually been to win in lot smaller numbers than its turn contemporaries native the Philadelphia Mint and also the Denver Mint — made come the song of only a few million, not a couple of billion. Still, the 1978-S proof coin is not a rarely coin by any stretch that the imagination, and also a typical example can be bought from a coin dealer because that $1 to $3.

The highest price ever paid because that a 1978-S proof penny to be $4,313. That’s how much a practically flawless instance that was graded PR70DCAM by experienced Coin Grading company sold for in a 2008 auction. Currently there’s a nice penny, huh?

Rare & an important 1978 penny Errors to Look For

Nobody’s perfect, and also even the United states Mint has actually made part flubs over the years. The year 1978 to be no exception, either. A fair share of doubled dies, off-center errors, and also other mistakes are known to exist among 1978 pennies.Here are few of the most important pieces and what lock worth…

1978 Doubled die Penny Values

A few minor 1978 doubled die pennies room known. When these most likely won’t take it hundreds or countless dollars choose the most drastic and popular doubled dice pennies worth numerous money do, they’re nonetheless rare and also valuable!The grasp of report 1978 doubled dice pennies exhibit the copy in assorted places. Some present thickness in the motto “IN GOD us TRUST,” when others show doubling in the columns of the Lincoln Memorial.

There’s no much market data easily accessible for these right now, but similar types of doubled dies are often worth $25 come $50 every or more.

1978 BIE penny Values

There’s a kind of variety known as a dice crack (or die break). These happen when the dies striking the begin showing signs of wear and tear — often in the form of crack in the die itself. The presence and shape of these recessed cracks room usually moved onto the as raised lines and also ridges.While many die cracks room minor and also don’t yes, really bring any kind of extra premium, there is a specific form of dice crack whose form creates a range that is distinct to Lincoln pennies. This variety, known as the BIE penny, surfaces as a tiny, vertical die crack the occurs in between the “B” and “E” of the engraving “LIBERTY” and also takes on the approximate shape of a resources letter “I.”1978 BIE Lincoln coin varieties deserve to sell for everywhere from $5 come $20, depending upon the individual problem of the coin.

1978 Repunched Mintmark Value

Back in the so late ’70s, coiners in ~ the U.S. Mint to be still punching the mintmarks onto working dies by hand — and also this intended there to be plenty of chance for errors in the location and positioning that the mintmark on the struck

Repunched mintmarks in us aren’t really rare But specific ones are fairly drastic, with the ghost appearance of the first mintmark beat attempt being means off, sideways, and also sometimes also upside down.Values range dependent on the certain repunched mintmark, though many of these room worth $3 to $10.

I’m the Coin Editor right here at Mine love for started when i was 11 years old. I generally collect and study U.S. developed during the 20th century. I’m a member of the American Numismatic association (ANA) and also the Numismatic literature Guild (NLG) and have won multiple awards indigenous the NLG for my job-related as a coin journalist. I’m also the editor at the Florida unified Numismatists club (FUN subject magazine), and also author of pictures of America: The United says Mint in Philadelphia (a book that explores the colorful history of the Philadelphia Mint). I’ve added hundreds of articles for miscellaneous coin publications consisting of COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and also CoinWeek. I’ve authored practically 1,000 articles here at The fun Times guide to (many of them v over 50K shares), and I welcome your coin questions in the comments below!
JoshuaI"m the Coin Editor below at Mine love because that began when i was 11 years old. I mostly collect and also study U.S. developed during the 20th century. I"m a member the the American Numismatic association (ANA) and the Numismatic literature Guild (NLG) and also have won multiple awards native the NLG for my work-related as a coin journalist. I"m additionally the editor in ~ the Florida unified Numismatists society (FUN topics magazine), and author of photos of America: The United claims Mint in Philadelphia (a book that explores the colorful history of the Philadelphia Mint). I"ve contributed hundreds of write-ups for assorted coin publications including COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and also CoinWeek. I"ve authored almost 1,000 posts here at The funny Times guide to (many the them v over 50K shares), and also I welcome your coin inquiries in the comments below!

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