The Lincoln coin is one iconic piece of us coinage history. That much is perfect exemplified by the fact that part of its architecture is quiet in use today. For collectors, the 1930 Lincoln is simply one of countless that need to be included to any kind of competent collection. Together time move forward, these coins will certainly only end up being increasingly search after because of their increasing scarcity.

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As for what the coin looks like, the obverse is conquered by the central profile that Abraham Lincoln. The original style was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, but it was so beloved the it has actually persisted come today. Over the previous President’s photo is an inscription which reads “In God us Trust.” come the left of Lincoln’s image is an engraving that reads “Liberty” if the 1930 year that minting is detailed to Lincoln’s right.

The turning back side is a bit an ext simplistic, yet stands out due to their being single stalks the wheat on both the left and also right hand political parties of the coin. This is exactly how the penny originally received that is “Wheat Penny” nickname. In the facility of the turning back is an inscription that reads “United states of America” and is join by an additional inscription the reads “One Cent.” Finally, the Latin expression “E Pluribus Unum” arches overtop.

Grading the 1930 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, the problem of a 1930 Lincoln penny means everything. Together such, it provides sense the graded Lincoln pennies space the ones the make it right into collections. Grading is nothing an ext than a experienced assessment that the coin’s condition. Below is an rundown of the various grades and a short description the what those grades mean.

Uncirculated: A coin that is identified to have been Uncirculated is one that never exchanged hands. In essence, these coins have actually been kept in safekeeping since the job they to be minted. As such, every one of the raised lettering and imagery will have been certain perfectly maintained through the years.

Extremely Fine: A coin that is identified to it is in of very Fine great is one that might have to be circulated briefly, yet has largely avoided damage. Apart from one or two small imperfections, these coins will appear to be nearly perfect come the naked eye. Regardless of this, those tiny imperfections pains the worth a bit.

Fine: If a 1930 Lincoln coin is graded as being Fine, this means that it has actually been circulated quite a bit. Friend will an alert scratching, smoothing, and also even part chipping, yet the raised elements of the coin will still it is in intact and also able to it is in deciphered v the naked eye.

Good: Good is the grade provided to coins that have actually been exteneively circulated. These coins will show plenty the wear and also tear, few of which can be severe. Every in all, most of the major aspects the the coin will have the ability to be do out. Some of the finer details, however, can have been worn away a bit.

Pricing the 1930 Lincoln Penny

When it comes to assigning a nominal worth to the 1930 Lincoln, you need to take into factor to consider both the form and the problem of the coin. Being that there were approximately 3 various Lincolns minted year in and year out, there space a number of different values for a penny from 1930. Listed below is a graph that will hopefully aid you make feeling of what the value of a certain 1930 Lincoln is.

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Lincoln Pennies

1930 Lincoln Penny$0.15$0.25$1.25$2
1930 Lincoln coin (D)$0.20$0.30$2.50$4
1930 Lincoln coin (S)$0.20$0.30$1.75$6
Source: Red Book

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