Today the 1928 nickel value begins at 80 come 85 cents each. The price is because that a heavily worn coin, in what is recognized as "Good" condition.


This date buffalo nickel is ending up being increasingly scarce, any type of you find has good value. Also, this old nickels were minted at three various locations, every valued separately, v the mountain Francisco mint coin together the standout piece.

Next, problem plays an important role in the 1928 nickel value. Examine each carefully, the quantity of undertake or absence of the determines how much her coin is worth.

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The Buffalo nickel pictured is a an extremely nice "uncirculated" example and also is eagerly search by collectors and rare coin dealers.

With a high starting value the 1928 Buffalo nickel is a nice little treasure to find in your box of old coins.

The graph separates worths according to condition and the Mints that produced the coin.


A listing the "1928-D" is a coin produced in Denver, they supplied a "D" as a mark. One "S" is the mintmark offered by the mountain Francisco mint. These 2 mints placed their mintmark ~ above the reverse below the buffalo. The 3rd mint come strike Buffalo nickels, Philadelphia, go not use a mintmark.

1928 Nickel ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1928 Nickel worth Updated2021
1928$0.80 $1.82 $10 $28
1928 D$0.72 $3 $27 $42
1928 S$0.87 $2 $23 $165

Rare condition Returns High 1928 Nickel Value

The 1928 nickel is not thought about a rare coin, through over 23 million minted in Philadelphia, and a beginning value of 45 cents to a dollar in worn condition, many are available. Also in uncirculated condition few of this stand out as remarkable to the rest.

Excitement is created when any kind of remarkable coin is auctioned. The consignor of a splendid 1928 nickel come Stack"s rare Coin Auction watched as the bidding moved the final price come $690.

What raises this Buffalo nickel value over $600 is the radiating silver white luster, as if the coin was produced today. Incorporate this excellent luster v mark cost-free surfaces and few other 1928 nickels are as nice.

Finding exact 1928 Nickel Value

Collectors and also dealers referee the problem of old buffalo nickels very carefully. They space seeking the best preserved coins because that either their collections or their customers. The system evaluates the coin and determines a Grade enabling for one agreeable value.


Uncirculated: This grade is booked for a coin that never entered circulation. No wear is apparent on the surfaces. Buffalo nickels in this condition do not present friction from use on the high points of the Indian"s cheek and on the reverse, examine the optimal of the Buffalo"s head for any kind of signs that wear.


Extremely Fine: The shine of a brand-new coin has actually disappeared indigenous the surfaces. Slight wear has begun to display on the hair details of the Indian. ~ above the reverse look because that wear in the area the the front shoulder and also upper back. Overall, tho a fine defined, collectible coin.


Fine: Fur details ~ above the Buffalo"s head have actually worn smooth, also a wide area from the hoof to the top of the shoulder lacks any kind of detail. The date, one the highest possible parts of the design and subject to fast wear, is readable. Hair and also braid details the the Indian room lacking.

Good: The bold design is still noticeable on a nickel in this condition. The is the appealing trait of the series. The date and also rims room the hints to the grade, rims worn into the legends and also an virtually smooth day are what store this coin native a higher grade.

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Buffalo Nickel Value

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