Take a trip back in time. You and your party will depart from communication 18 in a glamorous, Presidential Pullman-inspired train car, residing within Century Grand. 

If friend haven’t competent Platform 18 because that yourself, she in for a one-of-a-kind experience that we bet did you do it never had (especially in a bar!) The train bar’s immersive and also elevated cocktail experience comfortably seats 36 guests.

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By booking a ticket (i.e., making a reservation), travelers will certainly embark on a 90-minute journey v the Rocky hills with your organize Hollis Cottley Pennington, a rail tycoon, and also bootlegger. Guests will reap an opulent adventure come the beforehand 20th century while imbibing on exquisitely do cocktails influenced by worldly flavors and ingredients.

Platform 18 is a 21+ Establishment

Must have actually a precious ID, regardless of Age

Reservations highly Recommended, Walk-ins Welcome

The platform 18 menu solely features cocktails, impeccable service, and also stunning scenery together a standard. With considerable list of end 45 cocktails, us guarantee you’ll uncover a cocktail that you love. 


Please sit back, relax, and sip on a wide choice of ours award-winning cocktails. The journey will commence with a free glass the bubbles. Then guests may choose their favorites from the cocktail menu featuring drink from roughly the time the Prohibition—historic, vintage, classic cocktails—and contemporary mixtures, with all of the above, periodically using science, and also sometimes magic.


With our brand-new reservation dues policy, every late reservations will be guarantee seating in ~ 60 minute of her reservation time, however can no be guarantee a complete 90-minute experience. 

Reservations begin at the preventive time, not the arrival time. Please text us if you are running so late at (602) 739-1388‬.

**Late arrivals space not guarantee a complete 90-minutes.**

We recommend our guests make a reservation before visiting us. Of course, if we have availability, us will do our best to accommodate her group. Wait times and access for walk-in guests might be given only in human at the door during service.

Wait times are estimates, and also we have the right to not insurance 90-minute seatings.

There will certainly be audio and lighting changes, low visibility, strobe lights, movement graphics, and occasional smoke. You re welcome be recommend if you have actually claustrophobia, room prone to seizures, or have any type of other medical problem that may be triggered and or worsened by this heightened conditions. We ask that all guests stay seated to ensure the best experience and safety of patrons and staff.


We are constantly looking for high quality people to sign up with our team. To assist us obtain to know you, you re welcome tell us around yourself by completing the kind below. Us will contact you with any kind of relevant open positions.

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