Brother was smart and bought self a 2009 P71. Indigenous Yellowstone nationwide Park. He's searching for wheels. I looked approximately here (Chicagoland.) I uncovered these ~ above Milwaukee Craigslist.

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18x8 sport Edition v BFG Comp 2 tires

This is the ad description :

Black painted sport edition wheels and also tires are from a 2015 MustangTires room P255/45R18 BF Goodrich G-force comp22 tires have 5/32 left2 tires have actually 6/32 leftTPMS sensors installedbolt pattern is 5 x 4.5 (5 x 114.3)wheel dimensions space 18 x 8Sensors will link to 2015 and also older ford productsWheels are in perfect conditon, no scratches or curb rashAsking $500

Will a wheel that fits a 2015 Mustang fit the Vic? tires Rack site has actually 18x8 wheels v an balance out ranging native +38 to +48 fitting. I'll try to call the seller questioning for one offset, however I'm no expecting miracles.

Also, is this also worth it?

IIRC, it's S197 wheels that fit 05+ CV's perfectly. These are S550.


Different offset? Wrong bore size? various wheel stud size? found a couple of on running 15 and also up wheels.


Unless other massively changed (which I'm pretty certain it didn't) P71 wheels are lot closer come zero offset. Ns recall ET+6 gift common and most aftermarket selections were zero.

Those look at like an extremely high offset.

Measure what he has on the vehicle stock.

Both the Mustang and the Crown Vic will have actually 70.6mm centerbores, yet I'm specific those aftermarket wheels will have much bigger bores because that a universal fit.



all came through at least 16" wheels, 17" because that LX Sport. '03+ town Cars and also 18" for Marauders. All deserve to use the 16" rims, however. The broad is again 7", despite the Marauder's room 8" to run bigger width tires The counter is high, ~50mm *Though something in the ~40-~50mm selection is acceptable.

Other Wheel info:

In answer to Curtis73 :

79-02 Panther chassis use the near-zero offset wheels.

03+ had a redesigned suspension and used modern-day high-offset wheels.

Tire rack had 18x8 size, very same as the people in question, fitting with offsets ranging from +38 to +48. That's a pretty broad range. Waiting on a answer from the seller top top the wheel's offset. That will aid determine things a little bit better.

Javelin said:

In answer to Curtis73 :

79-02 Panther chassis usage the near-zero counter wheels.

03+ had actually a redesigned suspension and also used modern high-offset wheels.

Ah. I knew there was a suspension readjust in there somewhere, just didn't understand it contained an offset change.

Should be alright on an 03+ car. As they room generic wheels, a set of hub-centric rings might be required however those space cheap.

In reply to Javelin :

S550 wheels fit, too.

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This is the best source I discovered when ns was searching for wheels to fit my P71.

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