Trying to discover out just how to convert 17/16 into a combined number or fraction? have I gained the answer because that you! In this guide, we"ll to walk you with the step-by-step procedure of converting an improper fraction, in this case 17/16, to a combined number. Check out on!

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Before we begin, let"s revisit part basic fraction terms so you understand precisely what we"re dealing with here:

Numerator. This is the number over the portion line. For 17/16, the molecule is 17.Denominator. This is the number below the fraction line. Because that 17/16, the denominator is 16.Improper fraction. This is a portion where the numerator is higher than the denominator.Mixed number. This is a method of expressing an improper portion by simple it to whole units and also a smaller as whole fraction. It"s an integer (whole number) and also a appropriate fraction.

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Now let"s go with the steps needed to transform 17/16 come a blended number.

Step 1: uncover the entirety number

We very first want to find the whole number, and also to perform this we divide the molecule by the denominator. Because we are only interested in whole numbers, we ignore any numbers come the best of the decimal point.

17/16= 1.0625 = 1

Now the we have actually our entirety number because that the combined fraction, we need to uncover our brand-new numerator because that the portion part of the combined number.

Step 2: acquire the brand-new numerator

To job-related this the end we"ll use the totality number we calculated in step one (1) and multiply it by the original denominator (16). The result of the multiplication is climate subtracted from the initial numerator:

17 - (16 x 1) = 1

Step 3: Our combined fraction

We"ve now simplified 17/16 to a mixed number. To see it, we simply need to put the whole number together with our brand-new numerator and original denominator:

1 1/16

Step 4: simple our fraction

In this case, our portion (1/16) can be streamlined down further. In bespeak to execute that, we need to calculate the GCF (greatest usual factor) of those 2 numbers. You have the right to use our handy GCF calculator to work-related this the end yourself if you want to. We already did that, and the GCF that 1 and 16 is 1.

We deserve to now divide both the brand-new numerator and also the denominator through 1 to simplify this fraction down come its shortest terms.

1/1 = 1

16/1 = 16

When we placed that together, we have the right to see the our complete answer is:

1 1/16

Hopefully this tutorial has helped you to understand exactly how to convert any improper portion you have actually into a combined fraction, complete with a totality number and also a suitable fraction. You"re free to use our calculator listed below to occupational out more, but do try and learn exactly how to carry out it yourself. It"s an ext fun 보다 it seems, ns promise!

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