Oil push sensor fitting & o-ring (items 2 & 3) deserve to be added for an additional fee, select option above.

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Cummins part numbers:

1994-1997 (3923200)

1998 (3932300) - Discontinued (Aftermarket Available component Number: S4195)


12 Valve 2nd Generation mechanically Lift Pump OEM replacement 1994-1998 evade 5.9L 12 Valve CumminsCummins part number: 4988747If you want new g..

High circulation 191 delivery Valves for 1994-1998 P7100 Pumps uncovered on evade 12V Cummins Turbo Diesels.Do you need an ext fuel for her Dodge 12 valve Cummi..

Pure Diesel strength carries the finish line of camer plates for the P7100 injection pump by TST Products.Each kit comes finish with a brand-new fuel curve c..

Standard Head Gasket 1989-1998 evade 12 Valve 5.9L Cummins DieselThickness (Pre-crushed thickness).086 customs or 2.18mmOEM Cummins: 3283335..
94-98 evade 12 Valve 5.9L Cummins DieselKiller Dowel pin Repair Kit (KDP)Includes:Crank SealDowel PinDowel pin TabTiming sheathe gasketBD part Numbe..
* 1inch exterior 3/8inch within nut/ratchet journey for easy removal. * Heavy-duty 600lb. Canister * Heavy-Duty coil feather on diesel applicati..
NOTE: part LATE 97 dodge TRUCKS have THE 98 layout SENSOR. Friend WILL need to EXAMINE THE PLUG top top THE PIGTAIL. IF the IS ROUND, YOU require THE earlier SENSO..
Coolant/Water temperature sensor. Installs in the ago of the cylinder head ~ above the drivers side.Cummins component number 3920363Picture because that illustrativ..
Specifically designed for today\"s diesel fuelsDiesel-duty high pressure constructionUp to 99% filtration efficiencyAFE: 44-FF007..
06-21 ram Cummins valve covering bolt rubber seal isolator, washer.6 seals compelled for installation.Part Number:3973853..
6.7L Cummins QSB layout piston. Single piston. Amount six(6) are compelled for entire set.Comes v rings.Part Number:4376353..
11-12 ram 6.7L OEM Cummins reduced Engine Gasket SetGasket kit includes:(1) 2830559 Oil Cooler core Gasket(1) 3287561 Sealing Washer - M20(1) 3902425 Se..
13-18 lamb 6.7L OEM Cummins Lower finish Gasket SetGasket collection includes:(1) 2830559 Oil Cooler main point Gasket(1) 2831077 Filter Head Gasket(2) 3046201 O-Ring ..
This is the component that gets damaged if your starter pole on. If her solenoid shed up you must replace the starter contacts orinstall a L..
Replacement plastic timing pin through sealing o-ring.Choose option above if you would prefer the retainer ring included. (part number 3904849)Cummins:..
FLEETGUARD 3831852S Water-In-Fuel Sensor for 1989-1996 evade 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel trucks. This Water-In-Fuel Sensor fits the following applicatio..
Interference in the throttle position sensor circuits (APPS) on evade Cummins engines indigenous 1994 to 2005 will produce false voltage readings in the APPS..

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This is a drop-in replacement for 89-93 trucks. The is a \"retrofit\" component for 94-02 trucks. The only contains the regulator, no plug. Mechanical unit..