1000 Ways To Die: 10 Best Episodes Of The Show, Ranked (According To IMDb) 1000 Ways To Die was a pretty wild show with some pretty wild deaths. These are the best episodes according to IMDb.

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1000 Ways to Die is a very interesting show. Airing on Spike between 2008 and 2012, the anthology program chronicled various bizarre and unexpected ways in which people have died. It"s a bit morbid and macabre, but then again, many people love morbid and macabre television.

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Of course, the production values certainly helped. The show was always visually appealing, it was (mostly) narrated by Ron Perlman, and it contained scientists explaining how exactly the people died. It was a fascinating program that contained 74 peculiar and endlessly fascinating episodes. These are some of the best. These are the ten best episodes of 1000 Ways to Die, according to IMDb.

Eat, Pray Die tells an astounding seven stories throughout its runtime. There"s a medieval witch hunter who is put on trial and eventually stoned to death. A drunk bachelor who falls onto a piece of porcelain and pierces his intestinal tract. A self-help guru who falls onto hot coals.

A man who falls off a ladder and smacks his head. A delinquent who shoots himself in the heart with a captive bolt pistol. A woman who accidentally gives herself necrotizing fasciitis. And finally, a car thief who is crushed to death under the riderless car while attempting a stupid stunt.

9 Deadliest Kitsch (7.5)

In Deadliest Kitsch, an unnamed Middle Eastern dictator is impaled through the heart by a model of the Washington Monument. A security guard who is hosing down protesters and hit in the head by the brass nozzle.

A cyclist who suffocates inside an altitude tent. A rock climbing instructor who is crushed by a 25o pound man. A teenager who swallows a lit M-80. A creepy hospital janitor who is kicked in the head by a coma patient (owing to the patellar reflex). And a deranged fan who is electrocuted to death.

Tweets From the Dead sees a neurotic man getting stuck in obscene amounts of flypaper and dying from dehydration. A stock broker who accidentally drank magnets, which shredded his internal organs. A streaking man who runs through a glass door. A thief who is accidentally impaled through the throat by a meat hook.

A black market dealer who accidentally lights fireworks inside his trailer. A car hijacker blown up by an air brake hose. And a ghost hunter who is knocked on the head by a wrench and run over by his friend in his car.

7 Better Them Than Us (7.6)

Macdeath concerns a theater actor who is killed by a pulley slashing through his jugular. Another sees a Russian pimp getting pelted with a cement block. A gang member who kills another after inserting a tracheal tube down the man"s esophagus.

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A pyromaniac who accidentally lights himself on fire. A criminal whose weapon blows up in his hand and lodges shrapnel into his femoral artery. And Perillos of Athens, who was locked inside a brazen bull by King Phalaris.

A girl is struck in the head by a pebble thrown from a truck. An alcoholic is poisoned by a mixture of alcohol and ink cap mushrooms. A man is partially beheaded by a chainsaw while attempting to impress his attractive neighbor. A bodybuilder suffers a horrible accident while lifting a heavy boulder.

A freak who drinks breast milk stolen from a mother and dies from his peanut allergy. And a hypochondriac contracts an infection after using tap water in his neti pot.

5 Enter The Ferret (7.7)

A Scottish man in a ferret legging contest is killed by the ferret, who enters his rectum. A drunk and obese man climbs into a child"s swing and gets stuck before dying from a ruptured appendix. A woman accidentally kills himself after punching herself in the head. A teenager falls off a carousel.

A cemetery owner falls into a tub full of acid. A philly cheesesteak vendor runs into a wall and cracks his head. And a tattoo artist has his piercing caught in a forklift.

An irritated bouncer is impaled through the head by an overhanging support beam. A Japanese musician is decapitated by a family member. A man covered in flour accidentally falls into a vat of oil, deep frying him alive.

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A chemical plant owner is doused in sodium hydroxide. A drug dealer wears a tie dyed shirt of blotter acid, which soaks into his skin. A mime chokes on a pickle. A tennis player is whacked in the head by the net hand crank.

3 Death Penalties (7.8)

A wedding singer"s microphone is lodged in his throat. A spy in the French Revolution is thrown inside an iron maiden. A busboy is knocked into the hot grill at a Benihana restaurant.

A thief is killed by a diving equipment vendor. A female bodybuilder dies from dry drowning. An actor trips and impales himself on his own machete.

A woman drinks her pregnant cat"s milk and dies of organ failure, as the cat had been eating white snakeroot. A burglar falls off a rope and slams into the cobblestone path below.

A man ruptures his boss" aortic valve while giving him the Heimlich maneuver. A model passes out and impales herself through the eye on a lighting post. A irate shopper is strangled when her scarf is caught in the conveyor belt. A runner dies of water intoxication. A man"s spinal cord is severed after being punctured by framing nails.

1 Crying Over Spilled Blood (8.2)

A tennis player is impaled through the colon by his snapped tennis racket. A loan officer is impaled when her glass window is shattered by the wind. A hitman dies when his bullet ricochets back into him.

A tourist accidentally drinks a jar of poisonous snake venom. A fitness instructor is impaled through the ear by a piece of bamboo. A criminal is decapitated by a snapped cable. A caveman dies of carbon monoxide poisoning when his cave fills with smoke.

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